How to check a Web page content?

How can I check a Web page content?

Q: I want to monitor Web site pages. How can I set up testing page(s) for presence or absence of specific content?

A: Some examples of custom monitors are installed along with IPHost Network Monitor. One of them is a script that checks content of a Web page (and extracts specified value from the page). This script (http_content.vbs) resembles file_content.vbs script: it loads the document specified by URL and looks for either count of string provided, or for the first numerical string after the string provided. It’s located in scripts folder under the name of iphost_http_content.vbs and its parameters are:

<URL> mode string

An example of command line:

“” F temp=

(it looks on the Yahoo weather page for London and returns air temperature at that location, in Fahrenheits)

Note: please keep in mind that running scripts can result in noticeable overhead; please specify a reasonable ‘Down state timeout’ value to ensure the script actually runs and returns useful information.

For example, you can create Custom monitor with the following parameters:

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