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IPHost mobile app: quick start

Using IPHost mobile app: quick start Q: how can I start getting Push notifications on my mobile device, when a monitoring event happens? A: you would need to have an Android device (running Android 4.4 or higher, connected to Internet) and IPHost desktop installation of version v5.3 build NNNNN or above. Follow the below steps […]

Enable IPHost push notifications on mobile devices

How to make sure IPHost Mobile app will receive push notifications? Table of contents Huawei EMUI 6+ devices (and some EMUI 5 devices) EMUI 9+ devices Huawei P9 Plus Huawei P20, Huawei P20 Lite, Huawei Mate 10 Huawei Honor 9 Lite, Huawei Mate 9 Pro OnePlus OnePlus 6 and further OnePlus below 6 Xiaomi Meizu […]

All the alerts suddenly stopped working, what should I do?

All my alerts suddenly stopped working, what can be done? Q: At some moment, alerts are no longer being executed, regardless of monitors switching their state. How to handle that? A: Please follow the below checklist to determine what can be the cause of the issue. If none of the list applies, feel free to […]

How to use modern MS SQL driver?

Q: Which driver should I use to monitor MS SQL servers? A: MS SQL database monitor runs SQL queries against Microsoft SQL Server. To do that, IPHost Network Monitor can use one of the following drivers: SQLOLEDB (deprecated) – Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server, or MSOLEDBSQL – Microsoft OLE DB Driver for SQL […]

Running monitor on certain date and time intervals only

Is it possible to execute monitors on predefined time intervals? Q: I would like to have a monitor run at certain date and time intervals, is it possible? A: yes, to some extent; below we list possible options. Maintenance mode Hosts may be assigned a maintenance schedule; when on maintenance, no monitors of the host […]

Can I change “X-Mailer” header in IPHost email notifications?

Changing the X-Mailer header in IPHost email notifications Q: email notifications sent by IPHost have “X-Mailer: IPHost Network Monitor” header; can I change the header text? A: yes, owners of commercial IPHost licenses with active Maintenance&Support subscription can set the mentioned header to a custom value. The mentioned change requires editing OS registry. Important: any […]

How to send alerts via Amazon Simple Notification Service?

Can I post an alert to SNS topic? Q: is it possible to send an alert via Amazon SNS? A: yes, it is; one of possible implementations is explained below. 1. Brief introduction to Amazon SNS (Simple Notification Service) Amazon SNS (Simple Notification Service) is a Web service coordinating and managing sending or delivering messages […]

How to send SMS alert with Twilio?

How to send SMS alert with an external API provider such as Twilio Q: Is it possible to send SMS using third-party services, such as Twilio? A: Yes, you can do that with either “Script or Program” or “Python script” monitor, see the instructions below. 1. Prerequisites The mentioned monitor files require sample script files […]

How do I use Windows event log monitor?

Table of contents Create an event log monitor with default values Create a new event source Test event source Adjust to real-life case Tips and tricks Q: Is it possible to monitor certain type of records appearing in Windows event logs? A: Yes, you can set up monitoring of specific events posted to system logs. […]

Setting up Syslog monitor

Table of contents Create monitor with default values Setup syslog service to send messages Test configuration Adapting to real-life cases Tips and tricks Q: What is Syslog monitor and how can I use it? A: Syslog monitor has been introduced since v5.1 build 13326 of IPHost Network Monitor. The monitor provides a powerful tool to […]
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