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What are possible uses for “Send HTTP(S) request” simple action?

What can be done with “Send HTTP(S) request” simple action? Q: Are there real-life uses for “Send HTTP(S) request” simple action? A: Yes, there are. Multiple applications and services are providing HTTP-based interfaces (those using HTTP protocol as transport means). Examples of Web applications/services types that can be used with “Send HTTP(S) request” include RESTful […]

Monitoring network devices with Web Transaction Monitor

Q: Network routers I use come with SNMP interface, but not all the parameters I see in device’ Web interface are visible through SNMP. How do I monitor those parameters without breaching network security? A: SNMP is most often used to control devices and perform network analysis, often used for automated processing (handling data provided […]

How to set up alerts and reports, if several network cards are installed?

How to set up IPHost alerts/reports, if there are two or more network cards on computer? Q: I have installed IPHostMonitor on a PC with two network cards. One connects to our production network and the other connects to our storage network. My computer is connected to the production network only. I receive notifications from […]

How to restart device via its Web interface?

How to restart a remote device automatically using IPHost’s Web Transaction Monitor? Q: I need to remote restart some network devices periodically. This operation is accessible through the web interface and requires authentication. Is it possible to automate these actions using the IPHost functional? A: Web Transaction Monitor (WTM) is the most suitable monitor type […]

How to detect Web application malfunction?

We have network issues, some web applications start to malfunction. How can we detect that? Q: We have some issues with our network and some of the web applications we run. I was wondering if your application includes any tool that we can use to check network and web applications availability? A: Yes. IPHost Network […]

How to pass proxy authentication credentials for HTTP(S) monitor?

Where do I enter proxy authentication credentials for HTTP(S) monitor? Q: I need to monitor external website through a proxy server which requires authentication. How do I enter proxy credentials for HTTP(S) monitor? A: If you use 4.0.9306 or newer release of IPHost Network Monitor, then there are special fields to set proxy server access […]

How to check a Web page content?

How can I check a Web page content? Q: I want to monitor Web site pages. How can I set up testing page(s) for presence or absence of specific content? A: Some examples of custom monitors are installed along with IPHost Network Monitor. One of them is a script that checks content of a Web […]

How to use custom HTTP response codes with IPHost?

Can I use custom HTTP response codes with IPHost Network Monitor? Q: My Web application can return custom HTTP response codes. How can I set up IPHost to treat these codes as acceptable and set up required actions for them? A: In the HTTP(S) monitor settings you may specify a list of HTTP response codes. […]