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Enable IPHost push notifications on mobile devices

How to make sure IPHost Mobile app will receive push notifications? Table of contents Huawei EMUI 6+ devices (and some EMUI 5 devices) EMUI 9+ devices Huawei P9 Plus Huawei P20, Huawei P20 Lite, Huawei Mate 10 Huawei Honor 9 Lite, Huawei Mate 9 Pro OnePlus OnePlus 6 and further OnePlus below 6 Xiaomi Meizu […]

Running monitor on certain date and time intervals only

Is it possible to execute monitors on predefined time intervals? Q: I would like to have a monitor run at certain date and time intervals, is it possible? A: yes, to some extent; below we list possible options. Maintenance mode Hosts may be assigned a maintenance schedule; when on maintenance, no monitors of the host […]

Export and import monitoring setup settings

How can I only leave monitoring setup settings in the database? Q: Can I remove all the gathered monitoring data from the database, leaving only monitoring settings? A: Yes, you can do that; follow one of the two approaches below. We recommend using first one (export and/or import monitoring data via IPHost GUI client), wherever […]

Protect access to Web interface with HTTP Basic authentication

Secure Web interface with HTTP Basic Authentication Q: By default, IPHost Network Monitor Web interface is open to everyone, can I restrict access to it? A: Yes, you can use HTTP Authentication to require user name and password pair to access Web interface. The detailed instructions follow. Restricting access with HTTP Basic Authentication Important: the […]

Securing IPHost Network Monitor installation

What are possible security risks using IPHost Network Monitor and how can I reduce them? Q: Does IPHost Network Monitor extend the surface of vulnerability of my system? How can I prevent exposing the monitored hosts to additional security risks brought about by monitoring? A: IPHost Network Monitor contains several software components, requiring escalated privileges […]

I need to reinstall Remote Network Agent, how to avoid re-creating its network monitors?

Q: I need to re-install Remote Network Agent. However, there are 100+ monitors running on it. How to avoid re-creating manually all its network monitors? A: To avoid re-creating multiple monitors (and their hosts), you can keep a separate copy of them temporarily. Host groups are the best tools for that. If you need to […]

How do I enable access to WMI to use WMI-based monitors?

Q: I have problem connecting to WMI service on host, to use WMI monitors. Are there any preliminary steps I should follow to use WMI monitors? A: Before you begin using network monitoring tools to gather information from remote host via WMI, make sure that WMI services are enabled on the host to monitor remote […]

After I manually upgraded Remote Network Agent, main installation stopped communicating with it

Automated upgrade from main installation for one of agents didn’t work and I upgraded it manually. Now main installation sees it as a new agent. How to re-connect it? Q: After agent upgrade, main installation displays it as another (new) agent. There are many monitors assigned to that agent and I don’t want to lose […]

Remote Network Agent runs out of resources, why?

Remote Network Agent is shown as active and connected, yet it fails to update its monitors’ state – how to solve that? Q: I noticed that several remote network agents I use write to their log files messages about not enough TCP connections and/or threads. How to handle this? A: Remote Network Agents can remove […]

How can I filter the payload of SNMP Generic traps?

I prefer setting SNMP Trap, to get notification as soon as possible, without polling for it. How can I fine tune it, to only trigger when certain values are sent? Q: There’s “Custom trap, filtered by regexp” type that could solve my task, but you give no hint what regexp are? A: Perl-style regular expressions […]
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