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Monitoring network devices with Web Transaction Monitor

Q: Network routers I use come with SNMP interface, but not all the parameters I see in device’ Web interface are visible through SNMP. How do I monitor those parameters without breaching network security? A: SNMP is most often used to control devices and perform network analysis, often used for automated processing (handling data provided […]

How to restart device via its Web interface?

How to restart a remote device automatically using IPHost’s Web Transaction Monitor? Q: I need to remote restart some network devices periodically. This operation is accessible through the web interface and requires authentication. Is it possible to automate these actions using the IPHost functional? A: Web Transaction Monitor (WTM) is the most suitable monitor type […]

How to detect Web application malfunction?

We have network issues, some web applications start to malfunction. How can we detect that? Q: We have some issues with our network and some of the web applications we run. I was wondering if your application includes any tool that we can use to check network and web applications availability? A: Yes. IPHost Network […]

How to check a Web page content?

How can I check a Web page content? Q: I want to monitor Web site pages. How can I set up testing page(s) for presence or absence of specific content? A: Some examples of custom monitors are installed along with IPHost Network Monitor. One of them is a script that checks content of a Web […]

How to run Web Transaction monitors one after another, not concurrently?

How to run Web Transaction Monitors one after another, not simultaneously? Q: We have a host with 4 web transaction monitors. Every Web Transaction Monitors must login to the Web site with the same credentials. However, the website only allows one simultaneous login per account. So, if all the monitors run at the same time, […]