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Get performance value from JSON output

How to extract performance value out of JSON output? Q: the program I executed in “Script or Program” monitor returned JSON output. What is the simplest way to extract certain performance value out of it? A: one can use “one-liner” Python script (run by bundled Python interpreter) to extract required value. Below are two examples. […]

How to save incoming Syslog events?

How can one save incoming events while tuning Syslog monitor? Q: I cannot properly filter Syslog events until I see them. Is there any way to log those events? A: Yes, one can use Python script to save Syslog monitor events (separately for every host). Please follow the instructions below Download the sample Python script […]

Check SSL certificate expiration

Q: is it possible to check when SSL certificate expires? A: yes, you can use “Script or program” or “Script over SSH” monitor types to do that. Table of contents 1. Checking with openssl 1.1. Using Cygwin 1.2. Run checks via SSH 2. Check with .NET using PowerShell Several approaches are listed below. Note that […]

How to send SMS alert with Twilio?

How to send SMS alert with an external API provider such as Twilio Q: Is it possible to send SMS using third-party services, such as Twilio? A: Yes, you can do that with either “Script or Program” or “Python script” monitor, see the instructions below. 1. Prerequisites The mentioned monitor files require sample script files […]

Reverse TCP and UDP checks

How to monitor resources that should not be normally accessible on certain TCP/UDP ports? Q: I need to check whether Windows Firewall blocks certain TCP/UDP ports. How can I monitor the port that should normally be closed for connections? A: If simple TCP/UDP connectivity check does, you can use a “Script or Program” monitor to […]

How I may be sure monitoring database gets backed up?

How can I get notified if monitoring database automated backup gets too old? Q: IPHost creates automated backup file (nms.gbak) for monitoring database. How can I get alerted if it stops updating it? A: You can check backup file(s) age by means offered below. However, you should also do your own monitoring database backups if […]

Is it possible to get alerted when monitoring database gets damaged?

IMPORTANT: starting from version v5.0 build 11530, IPHost contains built-in database maintenance tools; information below is related to older versions only. I have had monitoring database damaged when power outage happened. Is there way I could immediately get notified when monitoring database requires fixing? Q: I would prefer to get notified when monitoring database becomes […]

How can I traceroute host and only get error text if error occurs?

Is it possible to traceroute a host, but only get error text if tracing fails? Q: tracert.exe command always returns a bunch of text. How can I ignore it if trace finished successfully? A: The trick is to store entire traceroute (tracert.exe) output, parse it and only return text if typical errors indicators (words) have […]

How to monitor number of processes running?

I need to ensure there are known amount of program’s processes currently running. How can I do that? Q: A program should always be running, and there should be known amount of its processes. How to check that? A: If you use version 4.0.9306 or newer of IPHost Network Monitor, you can use a WMI […]

How to count signed on users with WMI monitor?

What WMI query can count signed on users? Q: I need to count how many users are signed on. Also, I need to know machine serial number. Please help me to construct the WMI query. A: Make sure you have performed all the steps required to run WMI queries. WMI is an advanced topic. WMI […]
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