How to send alerts over dial-up line?

How to use dial-up line when working with IPHost alerts? I want to check Internet connectivity problems.

Q: Is there any way to connect over a typical modem to get an alert out in case internet connectivity is lost?

A: The IPHost itself can not establish modem connection, but you can use an “Execute program” alert to invoke the external script which would connect over modem, send email and disconnect. To check Internet connection you would need to create a monitor for any external host (for example HTTP monitor that say check the and configure IPHost to use new alert if this monitor goes down.

The script may be a simple command file with the following commands:

rasdial.exe "Your modem connection"
c:\Program Files\IPHost Network Monitor\sendemail.exe -t -s "The internet connectivity is lost"
rasdial.exe "Your modem connection"  /disconnect

See more details on the rasdial.exe utility at Microsoft site.

See more details on the “Execute program” alert at Help: Alerting and Actions.

The sendemail.exe utility sends email using IPHost email settings. Contact us to download it and unpack into IPHost Network Monitor installation directory.

The utility accepts the following options:

    -t  To: email address
    -a  Cc: email address
    -s  Email Subject:
    -c  Email body

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