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How to send alerts over dial-up line?

How to use dial-up line when working with IPHost alerts? I want to check Internet connectivity problems. Q: Is there any way to connect over a typical modem to get an alert out in case internet connectivity is lost? A: The IPHost itself can not establish modem connection, but you can use an “Execute program” […]

How can I monitor SNMP-enabled devices?

How can I monitor SNMP-enabled devices with your application? Q: I am using your IPHost Network Monitor trial version and I’m pretty impressed with its fast speed and low resources usage. I use this application to monitor SNMP-enabled devices. Please suggest me some demo videos or simple documents for SNMP alone, since I have difficulties […]

How to prevent devices with dynamic DHCP-provided addresses from being shown in down state?

Q: All my monitored devices are DHCP based. I poll using DNS name. I am doing a simple ping to verify if they are responding or not. Last night we had a power surge or something, and all the devices grabbed new IP addresses. The next pass through, they all showed as down. It appears […]

How to monitor network devices with dynamic IPs?

How to monitor devices with dynamic IP addresses? Q: We use DHCP in our network, thus IP addresses can change. When address changes, corresponding device “goes red” (monitor is down), even though it works normally. How to avoid that? A: You can use host’s Poll Using property to specify whether an IP address or a […]

How to monitor router’s bandwidth consumption?

How can we monitor T1 routers bandwidth consumption? Q: One of the main things we need to monitor is bandwidth consumption by T1 routers on our network. I am fairly familiar by now with monitoring the individual MIB’s that present themselves but just wanted to see if there’s something I’m missing as I’m not finding […]