How to use custom HTTP response codes with IPHost?

Can I use custom HTTP response codes with IPHost Network Monitor?

Q: My Web application can return custom HTTP response codes. How can I set up IPHost to treat these codes as acceptable and set up required actions for them?

A: In the HTTP(S) monitor settings you may specify a list of HTTP response codes. Generally, all server response codes starting with 400 are considered errors. If the server replies with such a response code, the resource being requested is considered unavailable and the monitor enters the Down state.

If you use 3.5.8152 or older release of IPHost Network Monitor, please see below.

For 4.0.8652 and newer release: You can list the acceptable response codes for both Down and Warning states in the corresponding sections on the monitor’s State Conditions tab:

Warning Accepted Reponse Codes section

For 3.5.8152 and older release: You can accept such response codes by adding them to the comma-separated list of Accepted Response Codes in the monitor’s properties list. Another option is to use Response Validation and String to Match parameters to specify whether a particular string should be searched for in HTTP response and whether it should or should not be present. If the condition fails, the monitor enters Down state.

For any release: If you need more fine grain behaviour, you can use Script or Program monitors to invoke external custom script or program which would use the returned HTTP response code as monitor performance value (see Script or Program Monitor parameters).

Create Script or Program monitor and configure it. Script can be customized to switch monitor to one of the OK, Down and Warning states depending on the HTTP response code, and notifications may be configured to be sent upon entering and exiting from any of these states.

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