How to make sure SNMP trap works as expected?

How can I test if SNMP trap works as expected?

Q: At the moment I have a APC 7500 Smart UPS in our LAN. An SNMP test trap sent from this agent is not recorded by IPHost Network Monitor (both the agent and IPHost Monitor are in the same IP range). I can add the host and even set up a monitor. But after “netstat -a -b” I do not see the port 162 being opened. Why?

A: By default IPHost Monitor uses port 162 to listen to incoming traps, but its installer can choose another one if the default port 162 is not accessible during installation. Please find the actual port number in
%ProgramData%\IPHost Network Monitor\nms.ini
file, the UDPTrapReceiverPort option. You can change it to the default 162 port.

In order to change the port:

  • Stop the monitoring service (Tools -> Stop monitoring service) and close Client;
  • After that change the “UDPTrapReceiverPort” setting in
    %ProgramData%\IPHost Network Monitor\nms.ini
  • Start Client and start the monitoring service (Tools -> Start monitoring service).
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