Windows Server Uptime Monitoring with IPHost Network Monitor

Server uptime is one of the basic quality characteristics of server work. 100 % uptime means that the server is continuously accessible 24 hours a day over a long period of time. A server with such characteristics is capable of responding to all incoming network inquiries constantly and stably. This is critically important for most business processes that make use of file and database servers, and email and web servers in their work. Low server uptime and consequently frequent downtimes adversely affect the productivity, sales, customers, and other aspects of enterprise operation.

Using IPHost Network Monitor you will be able to automatically monitor uptime for any Windows servers – Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows 2003, and Windows 2008. Our monitoring software allows fine tuning a windows server health check including both server availability and performance analysis, using various check types:

In cases where your servers become unavailable IPHost Network Monitor will immediately send notifications via e-mail, SMS, and other means. This allows server administrators and business owners to timely respond to failures thus maximizing server uptime.

IPHost Network Monitor functionality will allow you to collect all data for web server/website uptime calculation. When using Remote Network Monitoring Agents it is possible to perform checking from multiple locations and no additional IPHost Network Monitor installations are needed for that.

IPHost Network Monitor functionality is widely used by hosting providers who need to support high reliability of their hardware, web hosting, web server, and dedicated server.

Besides server uptime monitoring IPHost Network Monitor can be used to check such parameters as a CPU load, free disk space, or memory usage, and to monitor routers and switches ports using SNMP. IPHost Network Monitor works as a Windows program but it is designed not only to perform Windows server monitoring but also to monitor Linux and UNIX servers.

Free 30-day trial version of IPHost Network Monitor is available. During your trial you can get support by e-mail, please use contact form to send all your inquiries on IPHost Network Monitor features and purchase.

Windows Interface Screenshot Web Interface Screenshot
Windows Interface Screenshot Web Interface Screenshot

Download the free trial of IPHost Network Monitor and start to monitor your network and vital applications in a few minutes.

IPHost Network Monitor 5.4 build 14598 of May 27, 2024. File size: 112MB

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