IPHost ODBC Database Monitor

ODBC Database Monitor is a one of IPHost’s monitors. It allows to test connection to an ODBC database server and run a SQL query to interpret the results. The first column returned is treated as an integer value to be used in subsequent checks.

ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) is API (application program interface) to database management systems (DBMS) allowing to use the unified means to run queries on a number of different DBMS. For example, there can be ODBC support allowing to run queries against Microsoft Access databases, SQLite databases located on remote host. Running ODBC queries manually is a cumbersome work; when there are many queries to watch and interpret, manual checks become out of question.

IPHost Network Monitor offers ODBC Database Monitor to handle such tasks easily.

Creation of ODBC Database Monitor is an easy task. Specify host and either a DSN (Data Source Name) or connection string; the later may be complex in structure, please refer to the corresponding references to build a proper connection string. To connect to the database you should also specify database user name and password to use with that user.

Specify SQL query to run. Please remember that the first column returned should be a value able to interpret as an integer.

There are numerous use cases for ODBC Database Monitors. For example, buyers can calculate items in an Internet shop price list stored as Access file. Developers can run checks on data integrity of the SQLite database stored on the remote host. There are many situations where ODBC Database Monitor could be of use: every one is determined based on actual way ODBC is used on the host to monitor. These monitors can take significant time to run, depending on the host location, database schema, query used and other factors.

Quicker monitors such as TCP monitor should be used first to check host availability. Use such monitors asdependencies wherever possible to prevent running a database monitor when there’s no need to.

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