Send SMS alert over GSM Cell Phone / Modem

How to Send SMS over GSM Phone as an Alert

SMS over GSM modem alert allows to send SMS (text message) over GSM modem or phone attached to the monitoring host (a computer where IPHost Network Monitor is installed) as a problem notification. This alert is the most reliable mechanism for sending notifications about system failures or serious degradation in application performance. Delivery of SMS (text messages) alerts does not depend of your network resources state and your network provider availability, so you will be alerted even if your mail server or internet connection is down and other alerts might fail. A GSM modem can be a dedicated modem device with a serial, USB or Bluetooth connection, or a cell (mobile) phone that provides GSM modem capabilities.

SMS over GSM modem alert functionality is available in every edition of IPHost Network Monitor. This feature is also included in trial version.

To use a GSM modem from IPHost Network Monitor you must first install the modem driver on a monitoring server/workstation. Usually the modem driver may be found on the CD or disk that came with your modem/phone or on the web site of hardware vendor. If you cannot find the modem driver, you can still use Windows’ standard modem driver. IPHost Network Monitor allows you to configure two GSM modems to increase alert reliability, the secondary modem is used if sending a message via the primary one fails. You can enable or disable any modem at any time if needed.

After the GSM phone/modem is configured and tested you can create and configure an SMS alert. You can specify several phone numbers as alert delivery destinations. By default the SMS alert notifies you about what monitor and at what time changed its state, also a link to the monitor’s summary report will be prowided.¬† Also, you can assign a specific time schedule to the alert, for example, you can set the alert to be active only during working hours or vice versa, so that the SMS messages will be sent in specified time intervals only.

To enable SMS alert for a monitor you should add the alert to the alerting rule that is used for the monitor and assign it to the monitor state changes. You can add multiple SMS over GSM modem alerts to an alerting rule.

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