Website security monitor

Website security scanning is the process of analyzing the site for possible vulnerabilities. In many cases it means passing certain requests or requests sequences with specially provided data to make sure that no vulnerability is triggered.

Website security monitor is a type of monitor performing part of security scanning process. There could be several known vulnerabilities and thus several security monitors can be used to test for their presence. Also, more general checks can be performed, such as making sure certain sites areas / sites functions are not available for users not authorized to use them.


IPHost features:

Website availability monitoring
With IPHost Network Monitor you can monitor availability or performance for any web server, website or web application. HTTP monitor can check any URL you provide, this internet/intranet monitor supports secure connections using SSL (HTTPS), can perform POST requests …

Website Performance Monitoring
Web Transaction Monitor allows end-to-end monitoring of web applications and e-commerce sites such as internet shops, by simulating the steps of real user activity so the tool lets you constantly monitor real user experience to be sure your online shop or enterprise web application performs well …