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Running monitoring service under non-default account

Which account shall IPHost monitoring service run as? Q: My site shows different behavior when visited from actual browser and under Web Transaction Monitor! Cookies are not saved, why? A: You should perhaps run monitoring service under a different account. See below for longer explanation. By default, IPHost monitoring service runs under Local System account […]

Check SSL certificate expiration

Q: is it possible to check when SSL certificate expires? A: yes, you can use “Script or program” or “Script over SSH” monitor types to do that. Table of contents 1. Checking with openssl 1.1. Using Cygwin 1.2. Run checks via SSH 2. Check with .NET using PowerShell Several approaches are listed below. Note that […]

How to use Nagios plugins

How can I use Nagios plugins to perform monitoring? Q: Can I use Nagios plugins for monitoring? A: Yes, you can, it only requires one-time setup. Table of contents 1. Possible scenarios 1.1. Cygwin-based 1.2. Windows Subsystem for Linux 1.3. Unix-like host running SSH service 2. Monitor setup details 2.1. Script or Program 2.2. SSH […]

How do I use Windows event log monitor?

Table of contents Create an event log monitor with default values Create a new event source Test event source Adjust to real-life case Tips and tricks Q: Is it possible to monitor certain type of records appearing in Windows event logs? A: Yes, you can set up monitoring of specific events posted to system logs. […]

How do I enable access to WMI to use WMI-based monitors?

Q: I have problem connecting to WMI service on host, to use WMI monitors. Are there any preliminary steps I should follow to use WMI monitors? A: Before you begin using network monitoring tools to gather information from remote host via WMI, make sure that WMI services are enabled on the host to monitor remote […]

What are the main differences between remote monitoring Linux and Windows servers?

What are the main differences between remote monitoring Linux and Windows servers? Q: If I need to monitor a Linux server, should I choose entirely different software for that? A: The primary difference between Linux and Windows servers is in the choice of software and/or protocols used to retrieve required data. Whereas Windows offers WMI […]

How to monitor Windows system traffic speed via WMI?

How can we monitor data transfer speed on Windows server? Q: We need to know what network throughput (data transfer speed) our Windows server can use. How that can be done? A: IPHost Network Monitor, since version 3.5, offers WMI Traffic Speed monitor. Here is the sequence of its setup: WMI Traffic Speed monitor description […]

How to monitor Windows system traffic volume via WMI?

How can we monitor bandwidth consumption on Windows server? Q: We need to know how much bandwidth consumes our Windows server. What is the easiest way to accomplish that? A: IPHost Network Monitor, since version 3.5, offers WMI Traffic Volume monitor. The sequence of its setup is described below. WMI Traffic Volume monitor description Start […]

How can I optimize Windows Server performance with your tool?

How can IPHost Network Monitor help me to tune server performance? Q: I need to optimize my server performance. How can IPHost assist me in that? A: Server performance tuning is impossible without reliable information on a server workload. It includes CPU load, Available Memory, DISKSPACE, network connectivity. It is possible to get statistics on […]

How could all the important data be gathered to set up Windows Server monitoring?

Q: I am new to Windows server monitoring. How can I set up monitors to watch all important Windows server components and services? A: IPHost Network Monitor can gather all the data required for Windows Server performance tuning. Every service and/or device requires specific settings. All the services providing TCP and/or UDP services can be […]