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How to send notifications to a HipChat room? (discontinued)

Is it possible to send alert notifications to a HipChat room? Note: Atlassian has discontinued both HipChat and Stride messaging services in favor of Slack. Please refer to our Slack integration article. These instructions are provided for archive reasons. Q: I need to post a message to a HipChat room every time alert is executed. […]

How do I send notifications to a Slack channel?

Is it possible to send alert notifications to a Slack channel? Q: I need to post a message to a Slack channel every time alert is executed. How can I do that? A: Please follow the below guide: 1. Create Slack API Webhook Integration Create Incoming Webhook integration for your team as described on corresponding […]

I receive a number of monitors Down alerts when shutting down my server, how to prevent that?

My Windows server takes several minutes to shut down, and I receive multiple Down alerts about services running on it. Is it possible to prevent the alerts from happening? Q: My Windows server runs a number of busy services and takes several minutes to shut down. While it shuts down, I receive many alerts about […]

How to avoid receiving multiple alerts telling that agent is disconnected?

When agent gets disconnected, I receive multiple alerts for every monitor it serves. How to prevent that? Q: When agents running in remote network, stops running, I receive “Agent failed to connect” alerts for every monitor provided by that agent. How to avoid such mass alerts? A: You need to monitor presence of agent in […]

Why SMS sent by email are not delivered?

Why don’t I receive SMS sent via email? Q: I receive SMS sent to my SMS-via-email address when using Outlook, but not using your software. How can I find what’s wrong? A. Let’s check all possible reasons step by step. It is assumed your mobile services provider has sent you email-to-SMS gateway email address (it […]

Why email alerts are not delivered?

Why aren’t my email alerts delivered? Q: I set up email alerts. However, they are silently not delivered. Why can that happen? A: There may be several reasons why email messages are not delivered. Let’s start with sending test email message from Tools -> Settings -> Email Settings page. Proceed to the above settings tab […]

How can I insert host group name into alert message?

How can I insert host group name into alert message? Q: How can I insert host group name into alert message? A: We provide a number of template variables, listed in details on Main parameters tab online help page. We suggest using those variables to make generic text of alerts more informative, for either manual […]

How pop-up notifications can be turned off (for several or all monitors)?

How can I turn off pop-up notifications for several or all monitors? Q: I have added about 70 printers to the “Printers and UPS” group and have set them all to use the “No Alerts” alerting rule. The system tray icon still shows a red mark and pop-up alert when one is down. How do […]

How to set up alerts and reports, if several network cards are installed?

How to set up IPHost alerts/reports, if there are two or more network cards on computer? Q: I have installed IPHostMonitor on a PC with two network cards. One connects to our production network and the other connects to our storage network. My computer is connected to the production network only. I receive notifications from […]

How to send alerts over dial-up line?

How to use dial-up line when working with IPHost alerts? I want to check Internet connectivity problems. Q: Is there any way to connect over a typical modem to get an alert out in case internet connectivity is lost? A: The IPHost itself can not establish modem connection, but you can use an “Execute program” […]
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