IPHost SNMP MIB Browser – Linux servers & Cisco devices monitoring

IPHost SNMP MIB Browser

IPHost MIB Browser is a easy-to-use tool to test and monitor multiple SNMP devices on a network.
It allows network administrator to retrieve and browsing MIB data about network hardware configurations through the SNMP agent on a managed devices – servers, switches, routers. IPHost MIB Browser allows to compile MIB files and present them in the form of a tree with SNMP variables.

To load/unload SNMP MIBs, first open the corresponding SNMP-type monitor and click on an ellipsis button to the right of OID field. After the SNMP browser loads, click on “MIBs” button (in the lower-left part). You will see the list of used MIBs and there are controls to unload or load MIBs. You have no control over their content, you can only unload already loaded SNMP MIBs, or use the file browser to select a text file with a new MIB to import.

There are many sources to obtain proper MIBs, including a number of free MIBs from different vendors.

MIB Listings for network devices
Mibs for switches
Mibs for servers
Mibs for routers
Mibs for repeaters
Mibs for proxies
Mibs for printers
Mibs for modems
Mibs for firewalls
Mibs for chassises
Mibs for bridges

Free 30-day trial version of IPHost Network Monitor is available. During your trial you can get support by e-mail, please use contact form to send all your inquiries on IPHost Network Monitor features and purchase.

Windows Interface Screenshot Web Interface Screenshot
Windows Interface Screenshot Web Interface Screenshot

Download the free trial of IPHost Network Monitor and start to monitor your network and vital applications in a few minutes.

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