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OID list for mac port

Fddi PORT MAC Loop Time
This attribute controls the value used for T_Next(9) (see This object is reported in 1 ns units.
p NHRP Port Use My MAC
pNHRPPortUseMyMAC (defined in PNHRP-MIB)
port Mac Address
portMacAddress (defined in 3comab9300)
This is mac address of ethernet port.
snmp Fddi MAC Downstream PORT Type
snmpFddiMACDownstreamPORTType (defined in rfc1285)
Indicates the PC-Type of the first port that is downstream of this MAC (the exit port).
snmp Fddi PORT Remote MAC Indicated
snmpFddiPORTRemoteMACIndicated (defined in rfc1285)
The indication, in PC-Signaling that the remote partner intends to place a MAC in the output token PATH of this PORT. Signaled as R_Val (9) (refer to ANSI SMT
fddimib MAC Downstream PORT Type
fddimibMACDownstreamPORTType (defined in rfc1512)
Indicates the PC-Type of the first port that is downstream of this MAC (the exit port).
IBM APPN Node Port Dls Mac
ibmappnNodePortDlsMac (defined in rfc1593)
Local DLS MAC address.
IBM APPN Node Port Token Ring Mac
ibmappnNodePortTrMac (defined in rfc1593)
Local Token Ring MAC address.
sfps ATM Resolve Counters Query MAC LAN Emulation Client Port Suppress
sfpsATMResolveCountersQueryMACLecPortSuppress (defined in ctron-sfps-esys-mib)
sfps Restricted Port Source Mac
sfpsRestrictedPortSrcMac (defined in ctron-sfps-topology-mib)
l2 Port Forward Destination Mac Address
l2PortForwardDstMacAddr (defined in ctron-ssr-l2-mib)
The destination MAC address which has been learned.
l2 Port Forward Source Mac Address
l2PortForwardSrcMacAddr (defined in ctron-ssr-l2-mib)
The source MAC address, which is present in case of a Flow, that has been learned by the switch.
Token Ring Port Station Port Mapped Mac Address
tRingPortStnPortMappedMacAddr (defined in dot5-log-mib)
This object reports the MAC address of the station mapped to this port, if known. If unknown, the NULL address is returned.
rbtws Ap Status Ap Status Mac Port Or Dap Number
rbtwsApStatApStatusMacPortOrDapNum (defined in rbtws-ap-status-mib)
The Port Number if this AP is directly attached, or the CLI-assigned DAP Number if attached via L2/L3 network. Obsoleted by rbtwsApStatApStatusMacApNum.
port Sec Max Mac Count
portSecMaxMacCount (defined in v2h124-24-mib)
When we change the value of this variable, if the portSecPortStatus is enabled, we will discard all secure MAC and begin to learn again, until the number of MAC has reached this value, and only the secure MAC addresses can enter this port. If the portSecPortStatus is disabled, we will begin to learn the MAC, and auto enabled the portSecPortStatus when the MAC has reached this value.
Enterasys Convergence End Point Connection Mac Port Number
etsysConvEndPointConnMacPortNumber (defined in enterasys-convergence-end-point-mib)
The interface on which this Convergence End Point was detected or discovered.
Enterasys Convergence End Point Connection Port Mac Address
etsysConvEndPointConnPortMacAddress (defined in enterasys-convergence-end-point-mib)
The MAC address of the discovered or detected Convergence End Point.
Enterasys MAC Authentication Port
etsysMACAuthenticationPort (defined in enterasys-mac-authentication-mib)
This is the InterfaceIndex associated with this row.
Enterasys MAC Authentication Port Initialize
etsysMACAuthenticationPortInitialize (defined in enterasys-mac-authentication-mib)
When set to true(1), the MAC authentication logic on this port is initialized, forcibly ending all MAC authentication sessions currently in existence on this port. A set with the value false(2) has no affect and a read always returns false.
Enterasys MAC Authentication Port Enable
etsysMACAuthenticationPortEnable (defined in enterasys-mac-authentication-mib)
When set to enabled(1), a platform dependent triggering mechanism initiates an authentication exchange using a MAC address for authentication credentials. When disabled(2), authentication attempts are disabled and all currently authenticated MAC sessions or those in the process of authentication on this port are terminated.
Enterasys MAC Locking Port
etsysMACLockingPort (defined in enterasys-mac-locking-mib)
The interface number for this row.
Enterasys MAC Locking Port Group
etsysMACLockingPortGroup (defined in enterasys-mac-locking-mib)
A collection of objects providing port based configuration and status of MAC Locking.
Enterasys Port Web Authentication Authentication Session Mac Address
etsysPwaAuthSessionMacAddress (defined in enterasys-pwa-mib)
The mac address of the remote user of this session entry stored for this ifIndex.
agent Service Port Burned In Mac Address
agentServicePortBurnedInMacAddress (defined in AIRESPACE-SWITCHING-MIB)
The switch's Service Port Burned-In MAC address (Service-port interface in agentInterfaceConfigTable is recommended instead of this group)

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