rptrPortAdminStatus - Repeater Port Admin Status - rfc1516

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Repeater Port Admin Status

Setting this object to disabled(2) disables the port. A disabled port neither transmits nor receives. Once disabled, a port must be explicitly enabled to restore operation. A port which is disabled when power is lost or when a reset is exerted shall remain disabled when normal operation resumes. The admin status takes precedence over auto- partition and functionally operates between the auto-partition mechanism and the AUI/PMA. Setting this object to enabled(1) enables the port and exerts a BEGIN on the port's auto-partition state machine. (In effect, when a port is disabled, the value of rptrPortAutoPartitionState for that port is frozen until the port is next enabled. When the port becomes enabled, the rptrPortAutoPartitionState becomes notAutoPartitioned(1), regardless of its pre-disabling state.)

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