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obj Status

The value of this MIB object is the value that netmon will use as the status of the object whenever the particular object comes to the top of the status polling queue. If the value is different than what is currently in the OpenView Network Node Manager topology database, then netmon will process the change just like it does if the result came back from ping (e.g. netmon may change the status in the topoDB and send out various events). A value of D_ifStatus_measureIt(0) indicates that netmon should measure the status of the object (like it normally does in the product) using ping or other techniques rather than using a value provided by a user. During a set operation, the user supplied value will be written immediately to an interface specific record in netmon. The value will ripple through to the event system and topology database immediately if the MIB variable has a value of immediately(1) or at netmon's next status poll if has a value of atNextStatusPoll(0). This object is intended to be used to provide a value for interfaces only. For example, setting a value for a node will fail. The instance value for this object is the ovwDB ID (topoObjID) which corresponds to an interface in the topology DB. The ovwDB ID is used instead of ipAddress because it works for level 2, ip, ipx and in general any kind of object in the topology database. REFINEMENT/CORRECTION: Instead of actually specifying a value that netmon must use for the node, we want to communicate which nodes are inaccessible and allow netmon to determine the exact status using it's router down analysis and configuration. So the status values above will be mapped per the following table: ifStatusMeasureIt(0) Maps to 'Measure status with ping just like normal operation'. ifStatusNormal(2) Maps to 'Up'. ifStatusUnknown(1), ifStatusMinor(3), ifStatusCritical(4), ifStatusUnmanaged(5), ifStatusWarning(6), ifStatusMajor(7), ifStatusRestricted(8), ifStatusTesting(9), ifStatusDisabled(10) All others values map to inaccessible. The actual status value used will be determined by netmon using its Router Down algorithm and configuration. ::= { nmStatPollEntry 2 } SYNTAX INTEGER { atNextStatusPoll(0), immediately(1) } ACCESS read-write STATUS mandatory DESCRIPTION This MIB object specifies when the user specified interface status will impact the Event System and the Topology database. A value of atNextStatusPoll(0) indicates that the value will be recorded in netmon's process memory but will not impact the Event System and Topology database until netmon is ready to perform the next status poll on the specified interface. A value of immediately(1) causes netmon to move the specified node to the front of the status poll queue so that the new status impacts the Event System and Topology database immediately. A set with a value greater than immediately(1) is interpretted as a time to schedule a status poll for the selected interface. The interface is rescheduled at a time equal to now + in seconds. This is useful for automated tests for eliminating the possibility that netmon will status poll nodes that the test is working on before the test is set up or in a different order then the test expects. The structure of this MIB table suggests that the value is stored in netmon on a per interface basis. This could happen at a later date but is initially implemented as a interface-independent global. For reliable operation, this MIB variable should be specified as a var-bind preceding objStatus in a multi-var-bind SNMP Set request.

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