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HP OpenView Netmon MIB

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OID list for hpov-netmon

The length of netmon's ICMP polling list, indicating the number of managed interfaces actively being status polled.
The number of interfaces scheduled to be polled by netmon via ICMP with the next minute.
The number of seconds until the next scheduled ICMP poll. This may a negative number if netmon is behind in ICMP polling.
The length of netmon's SNMP polling list, indicating the number of managed nodes actively being polled.
The number of nodes scheduled to be polled by netmon via SNMP with the next minute.
The number of seconds netmon until the next scheduled SNMP poll. It is calculated by subtracting the time of the poll at the head of the list from the current time. If netmon is behind, this can be a negative value.
A list of nmStatPollEntry's which contain user specified status values for node interfaces. There is no scalar MIB that represents the number of entries.
The MIB objects in this entry contain the user specified value of the status poll for the particular interface and various support MIB variables which control when the new status takes affect and how many nodes will be changed by the action.
The OpenView Network Node Manager ovwDB ID which corresponds to a particular internet interface object in the topology database. This object can correspond to an ip, ipx, level 2 interface. However, at first deployment only ip interfaces are supported.
The value of this MIB object is the value that netmon will use as the status of the object whenever the particular object comes to the top of the status polling queue. If the value is different than what is currently in the OpenView Network Node Manager ...
This object is currently not implemented.

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MIBs list