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dot5 Physical Management Board Mode

This object defines the mode of the board. In Auto Mode, the board is using its hardware defaults. The default values of the board are all ports enabled, speed selected by the HW jumper on the board, the FNB attempts to attach left and right and not bypassed, ring port phantom current (if applicable) is controlled via a HW switch, and selectable media (if applicable) is managed also via a HW switch. In Management Mode, the hardware defaults may be overridden by network or local management. If the mode of the board is indeterminate, such as an Ethernet MIM, then the value unknown is returned. A write to this object will place the board into either management or auto mode, provided this MIM falls within the domain of the device. If the MIM falls outside of the domain of the device, the SNMP error BadValue will be returned. A write request with the value unknown also returns the SNMP error BadValue.

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