CISCO-BOOT-HWDIAGS-MIB - ciscoBootHwDiagsMIBResultCode

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cisco Boot hardware diagnostics MIB Result Code

This object represents a return code that may be mapped to detailed testresults in an analogous way to how the ciscoBootHwDiagsMIBConfigCode is mapped to configurations. That is, for the CLI example above, a ciscoBootHwDiagsMIBResultCode of F (hex) indicates that all FPGA tests passed. A ciscoBootHwDiagsMIBResultCode of 1 (hex), indicates that ONLY FPGA1 test passed. A ciscoBootHwDiagsMIBResultCode of 3 (hex) indicates that only FPGA1 AND FPGA2-subtest1 passed, and so forth (since there is only one test for FPGA1, but two tests for FPGA2). Hence the encoding is platform dependent and flexible.


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