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This MIB module contains managed object definitions for LDP signalled Virtual Private LAN Services as in [L2VPN-VPLS-LDP] This MIB module enables the use of any underlying Pseudo Wire network.

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This table specifies information for configuring and monitoring LDP specific parameters for Virtual Private Lan Services(VPLS).
A row in this table represents LDP specific information for Virtual Private Lan Service(VPLS) in a packet network. It is indexed by cvplsConfigIndex, which uniquely identifies a single VPLS. A row is automatically created when a VPLS service is configured ...
This object specifies if MAC address withdrawl is enabled in this service. If this object is true then Mac address withdrawl Learning is enabled. If false, then Mac Learning is disabled.
This table provides LDP specific information for an association between a VPLS service and the corresponding Pseudo Wires. A service can have more than one Pseudo Wire association. Pseudo Wires are defined in the cpwTable.
Each row represents an association between a VPLS instance and one or more Pseudo Wires defined in the cpwTable. Each index is unique in describing an entry in this table. However both indexes are required to define the one to many association of service ...
The value of this object specifies the maximum number of learned and static entries allowed in the Forwarding database for this PW Binding. The value 0 means there is no limit for this PW Binding.
The group of objects supporting management of L2VPN VPLS services using LDP.

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MIBs list