Remote network

Networks are defined via address range they occupy; in case of IP networks, if an address belongs to the same network mask, that network is local for the address in question. Local network can consist of several network segments, but they all should be connected directly.

Remote network is the one with different network mask, and/or network that can only be connected through network with different network mask. The latter assumes that private networks using the same network mask will be remote to one another in case they do not connect directly.


Networks monitoring

IPHost features:

Remote network monitoring
Remote Network Agent allows you to monitor servers (hosts) in hundreds of separate networks from one central point. With Remote Network Agent you can monitor all types of monitors available in IPHost Network Monitor (SNMP, WMI, HTTP, Oracle, PING and many more …

Monitoring Remote Servers
Agents can be used in a number of cases when there’s no possibility to connect to a network resource directly. Furthermore, several agents installed on a number of computers might be used to test service availability simultaneously from several locations …