Cisco, or Cisco Systems Inc., is one of the biggest technology corporations, producing networking devices, consumer electronics, voice and communication technology solutions.

Cisco is well-known for its networking devices, such as network routers, network switches and so on; those are de facto standard for network management and monitoring network devices.


IPHost features:

SNMP Monitoring Tool
SNMP monitoring is the standard way to monitor network usage characteristics by monitoring the ports of routers and switches. The number of other parameters …

Windows Server uptime monitoring
… tool to check such parameters as a CPU load, free disk space, or memory usage, and to monitor the ports of routers and switches using SNMP. …

Cisco monitoring Tool
… IPHost Network Monitor is a piece of software quite efficient to diagnose and monitor network devices. The software is convenient for both network administrators and engineers, due to a variety of tools to watch the state of devices …