Disk space: monitoring over SSH

Prevent Disk Space From Being Exhausted

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Disk space: monitoring over SSH

Of all system resources, disk space can run short all of a sudden. Consequences may be dire; from temporarily downtime of certain processes to severe data corruption. To prevent that, enable disk drive capacity monitoring for all important hosts. IPHost Network Monitor offers simple to use tool to do that on any SSH-enabled device.

SSH is commonly used for UNIX-like OSes; they inherently support all basic resources monitoring (special file systems, a set of well-known pieces of software), no additional pieces of software should be installed by default. Variety of storage devices can be entirely handled by single monitor type.

Disk space monitoring can be applied for every disk drive (and mount points); thus, all vital parts where storage space going low can result in major problems, should be watched. IPHost Network Monitor provides trends reports suitable for that purpose.

Low Disk Space Monitoring On Linux

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Disk space: monitor parameters

When SSH is used, disk space is monitored for given remote directory (usually, mount points such as /, /home etc. are used). Either free or used storage device space can be counted and monitored. For every mount point of importance, separate SSH disk capacity monitor should be created.

Using tools like Cygwin, SSH storage space monitoring can also be performed on Windows systems. However, native tools such as WMI might offer better functionality and/or speed in such cases, make all the comparisons when necessary.

To understand the trends (many processes do take disk space in consistent manner), set up that monitor and watch for several days, prior to setting up alerting. You can also clean the space up automatically, if using script or program alert type for such a case (when possible).

Different disk drives (mount points) might require different thresholds to indicate possible problem. By watching drive space usage trends it becomes possible to assign optimal thresholds.

Hard Disk And Other Hardware Monitors

Looking for system monitoring software to control hard disk capacity and other hardware components, to warn you about possible outages? IPHost Network Monitor provides means to use SSH to monitor other hardware resources, such as CPU load, RAM used, number of processes found. Note that SSH-based monitors actually allow running any script or program on remote host, thus extending this monitor type functionality.

Other methods such as WMI (native for Windows-powered systems) or SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol), allow monitoring same hardware and software parts, mostly without installing more pieces of software. The choice of monitor technique type is a matter of personal preferences in most cases.

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