Application templates overview

Starting from version v5.0, application templates have been introduced. Templates address typical use case of adding sets of monitors to multiple hosts, in as little efforts as possible. From user’s viewpoint, template is a set of monitors with certain predefined parameters; this set can be applied to a host in one click.

The software comes with more than 50 predefined templates, including templates for server health checks, for monitoring of web, mail and database servers, virtual machines and domain controllers, other applications and services.

Application Templates Basics

In IPHost GUI client, in “Tools” menu click “Templates”. That opens templates management GUI:

Tools - Templates

You can select any template in the list and view its contents; you can export any of the templates or import new one(s). For custom (user-provided) templates, “Edit XML” menu option is available, it allows you to edit template definition directly, without using the management GUI (please be extremely careful when doing that).

New (custom) templates can be added by

  • cloning existing template; select a template from the list and click on “Copy” menu item
  • importing template from XML file (click “Import Template”)
  • creating a template out of existing monitors (see below)

Basically, applying a template adds a group of monitors to a host; some (or all) of those monitors may be inactive. Adding a template adds a new template hierarchy level, between host and its monitors.

You are encouraged to browse the predefined entries available in templates management GUI, to understand the templates structure and typical use cases. When you are ready to create your own template, first select a set of monitors from a host; then use “Create template” from Right-click menu (or press Ctrl-T) – that opens new template editor GUI. Please refer to Create template… to read the detailed directions on new template creation.

Application Templates Community

Please note that we have a dedicated site, Application Templates Community, where you can either post your own templates, for public use, find other useful templates posted by other users, request a template from us or simply get technical support for IPHost Network Monitor.