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MS Exchange 2007 Server, a unified messaging environment available for Windows Server 2003 and above; as part of its services, partially supports common mail related protocols, such as SMTP and IMAP.

MS Exchange 2010 Server, advanced release of Exchange Server, with new features like high availability from client view (CAS), data replication, administration delegation etc.

MS SharePoint 2007 Server, Web application platform, part of Microsoft Office suite, allowing creation user-defined Web apps, aimed at integration with Office applications.

MS SharePoint 2010 Server, Web application platform; its augmented features compared to 2007 edition included some social networking features, API for JavaScript and other scripting languages.

MS SharePoint 2013 Server, Web application platform; its augmented features compared to 2010 edition included cloud storage support (OneDrive), enhanced search capabilities, better cross-browser support.

MS SharePoint Foundation 2010 Server, version of corresponding Standard 2010 version, but with free on-premises installation support.

MS SharePoint Foundation 2013 Server, version of corresponding Standard 2013 version, but with free on-premises installation support.

Memcached caching system, key-value memory-based database engine, with extremely fast data lookups and with scalability features; designed originally for use on LiveJournal social network platform. Memcached contains no security measures, data protection is depending on setup settings only (or by encrypting data stored).

Squid2 Proxy Server, free cache and forwarding Web proxy software. This release is legacy one and is considered generally insecure. Primary functions of Squid 2.* was adaptation and altering content in transit.

Squid3 Proxy Server, version of corresponding Standard 2010 version, but with free on-premises installation support. This modern Squid version is aimed at considerable efficiency, to handle large scale proxy setups.

Other Applications and Services use cases

  • for groupware setups based upon Microsoft products, use matching MS Exchange Server and/or MS SharePoint Server (in most cases, if devices is detected by discovery process, the exact version will be queried); not that it is generally safe, due to backward compatibility, to use older version’s templates
  • for majority of setups involving resource-intensive Web applications (CMS, portals, groupware, collaboration software etc), Memcached caching system can be used to query the capacity of that memory key-value cache
  • if Web surfing/access to external resources is either monitored or cached to reduce bandwidth volume, Squid Proxy Server may be of use (since Squid is one of most popular caching proxy systems); you can perform basic Web traffic accounting with that

Other Applications and Services tips

  • when using applications that do not provide inherently any security measures, use access control and other administrative-type restrictions to prevent unauthorized access
  • when monitoring legacy software versions, make use of secure channels mandatory; if application doesn’t support acceptable level of security, use SSH channels and similar encrypted media to access application
  • when monitoring multitude of similar devices from the same agent, try setting slightly different polling intervals for them; that can prevent stress load on monitoring system, preventing it from running many polls simultaneously