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Get performance value from JSON output

How to extract performance value out of JSON output? Q: the program I executed in “Script or Program” monitor returned JSON output. What is the simplest way to extract certain performance value out of it? A: one can use “one-liner” Python script (run by bundled Python interpreter) to extract required value. Below are two examples. […]

How to use Nagios plugins

How can I use Nagios plugins to perform monitoring? Q: Can I use Nagios plugins for monitoring? A: Yes, you can, it only requires one-time setup. Table of contents 1. Possible scenarios 1.1. Cygwin-based 1.2. Windows Subsystem for Linux 1.3. Unix-like host running SSH service 2. Monitor setup details 2.1. Script or Program 2.2. SSH […]

How to create a custom monitor?

How to create a custom monitor? Q: None of monitor types available can handle the task. How can I run a program or script of my choice instead? A: Right click on an existing host and select “New Monitor”, then select “Custom monitors” category on the left and “Script or Program” monitor. Select the appropriate […]