Process Monitoring Over WMI

WMI Monitor To Control Process Stats

WMI Process monitor: memory usage
WMI Process monitor: memory usage

Processes are the workhorses performing actual tasks; thus, it is important to monitor their presence and resources utilization. IPHost Network Monitor provides tools to count processes amount, as well as their overall CPU and RAM usage stats. The WMI Process monitor type allows to count  number of program images (processes) filtered by name (and optional command-line parameters), their CPU usage and memory utilization.

We invite you to read relevant online help article to learn more on various Windows-specific and WMI monitor types. Depending on actual task, several metrics can be monitored for the same process on the same host.

Configure WMI Process Monitor For Typical Cases

WMI Process monitor: memory usage
WMI Process monitor: memory usage,
monitor parameters

Imagine we need to make sure all the services provided by host work fine. That could be mail server, Web server, database server and so on. To check whether certain service is available, its corresponding program image can be counted using WMI Process monitor type.

“Processes total” metric can be used to detect absence of certain service; using program or script alert type, stopped service can be attempted to re-start, thus illustrating IPHost capability to not only watch miscellaneous resources, but manage them, as well. You can easily control a number of certain processes running, hence to improve entire system performance monitoring.

“Memory usage total” metric provides information on how the specified processes are using memory. That can assist in detecting, for example, memory leak conditions and in finding processes responsible for high memory usage.

“CPU usage total” metric provides data on how the instances of given applications are using CPU. That, as well, can provide information on whether application is set up properly, and to prevent high CPU usage and outages before they happen.

Depending on what resource type application consumes more heavily, use corresponding monitor. Use multiple WMI Process monitors to cover all the important processes and possibility to witness resources outage for several resources at once. The WMI Process monitor is a handful tool for overall host performance monitoring.

SNMP and SSH monitors for hardware stats

Looking for server monitoring tools to monitor processes stats, as well as their RAM/CPU utilization? IPHost Network Monitor allows monitoring miscellaneous types of hardware resources. Apart from monitoring processes number and/or resource usage, WMI can be used to monitor memory usage, CPU load, and literally any type of resource available (note: additional WMI providers can be required).

SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) and SSH (Secure Shell) can be used instead of WMI on variety of network devices, and on both Windows and Unix-like systems. Note that several (up to all 3 mentioned) techniques to access or modify data can be available on the same device.

Download server monitoring software

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