May, 2017. v 5.0 build 11530

May, 2017. v 5.0 build 11530

Application Templates: VMware Host, VMware Virtual Machine, VMware Datastore application templates for monitoring parameters of Host, Virtual Machines, and Datastore on VMware vSphere Hypervisor have been added.

Monitoring Database: ‘DB Maintenance’ settings section is now available in GUI client of IPHost Network Monitor. Monitoring database is now checked for possible problems and cleaned-up backup copies can now be created automatically and/or manually. Monitoring setup can also be restored from any backup copy, at any moment. This allows avoiding of losing data due to monitoring database consistency problems (such as after an unexpected downtime, OS/software hanging the system etc). Just allow IPHost Network Monitor to keep a reasonable amount of backup copies of the database.

Monitoring Service: Network discovery of WMI, SNMP, SSH disk space and traffic monitors has been improved. IPHost service can now discover monitors for all disks and network interfaces.

Web Interface: Measurement units are now shown on a performance graph if different combinations of settings use different units.

Several bugs have been fixed. You can find more information about the release in Release Notes.