May, 2013. v3.1 build 6645

May, 2013. v3.1 build 6645


  • Web Transaction Monitor is based now upon Internet Explorer engine to improve compatibility with various web sites and other web applications.
  • Added support for internationalized domain names.
  • Added option “User Agent” for HTTP(S) monitors.
  • HTTP(S) monitors now also support Icecast and SHOUTcast protocols.
  • New mechanism of asynchronous domain names resolution results in better program performance and reduced network traffic.

Discovery: Added “Poll monitors using DNS Name” option to Discovery Wizard. It’s useful for DHCP networks that should be polled by DNS name instead of IP address.

Windows interface: Global Settings dialog has been compacted to fit small notebooks screens.

Alerting: Added option to perform alerts periodically when monitor remains in PROBLEM state.

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