December, 2014. v 4.0 build 8652

December, 2014. v 4.0 build 8652

Version 4 is a major update. Most parts of the software have been redeveloped.

User Interface: Both the Monitoring Client (Windows Interface) and the Web Interface are redeveloped. Particular attention is given to the Windows 8 OS family and support for high DPI displays.

Now you can set configuration for each object on three tabs: Main parameters, State conditions, and Alerting. The main view defines inheritance hierarchy for most parameters to minimize duplication and provides an easier method for parameter management.

Alerting: A completely new alerting scheme is now supported. Alerting parameters are inherited in the main view.

Now there are only two problem states (Down and Warning) and their conditions are defined on a special tab. In addition, there is a specific tab for definition of alerts (Alerting rule) to use when encountering state changes. Each alerting rule specifies alerts for some event: a monitor enters a problem state, remains in the state for some time, and returns to an up state.

Web Transaction Monitor: Both web transaction engines are upgraded to support the latest technologies. Web transaction recorder stability has been improved.

  • Recording of Ajax POST requests (used for authentication) is supported for Internet Explorer 10 or newer.
  • The web transaction recorder is using the same settings for browser compatibility mode as those for standalone IE.

Third party libraries: All third party components of the product including the Firebird database server, Apache web browser, Qt toolkit, and a number of libraries providing specific protocol support have been upgraded.

You can find more about the release in Release Notes.

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