April, 2016. v 5.0 build 10689

April, 2016. v 5.0 build 10689

This is a release of a new major version of the product.

Application templates: the main new feature of IPHost Network Monitor version 5.0 is an introduction of application templates. Application template is a collection of monitors that a user can create at once. These monitors perform in-depth checks of a particular type of server (host) or application. Application templates are intended to help a user to create and maintain a monitoring system.

Product provides a user with the basic tools for modification of existing application templates and for creation of new templates. A user gets 50 application templates with the installation of IPHost Network Monitor version 5.0. They are divided in the following categories:
• Server Health Check
• Domain Controllers
• Mail Servers
• Web Servers
• Database Servers
• Virtual Machines
And several other application templates.

Web Interface:
The web interface has been enhanced to allow generating all types of reports in the JSON format. Now report can be requested in the following formats:
• report in the HTML format (default);
• report as a human-readable, pretty-printed JSON (with newlines and indentations);
• report as a minimal size JSON, without meaningless whitespace.

Now HTTP Basic or Digest authentication may be applied to the web interface as a whole or only to a part of it. The necessary web server modules were added to IPHost Network Monitor distribution and its configuration files were adjusted in accordance.

Monitoring service:
WMI Process monitor now correctly calculates CPU usage. Previously, negative values or values exceeding 100% might appear.

NTLM authentication support in HTTP(S) monitors has been fixed. Previously HTTP 401 error might have been returned for servers using this authentication method.

You can find more information about the release in Release Notes.