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OIDs - service_operation monitor

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OID list for service operation

atmx Ces Service Operation Status
atmxCesServiceOperStatus (defined in XYLAN-ATM-CE-MIB)
The current operational state of this interface.
atmx Ces Service Config Operation Status
atmxCesSvcConfigOperStatus (defined in XYLAN-ATM-CE-MIB)
Describes the status of the active SVC. Valid values are: other - none of the types specified below establishmentInProgress - connection is not operational, but call attempts are ongoing connected - connection is currently operational retriesExhausted - retry limit has been reached and call attempts have ceased noAddressSupplied - no remote address has been configured, so no call attempts are initiated lowerLayerDown - underlying CES IWF is not operational When the entry is not 'active', the value of this object is 'other'.
atmx Service Operation Status
atmxServiceOperStatus (defined in XYLAN-ATM-MIB)
The service operational status.
Frame Relay Interface Service Operation Status
frxServiceOperStatus (defined in XYLAN-FRAME-RELAY-MIB)
The service operational status.
m013 Service Operation Status
m013ServiceOperStatus (defined in XYLAN-M013-MIB)
The service operational status.
gm Auto Service Operation State
gmAutoServiceOperState (defined in XYLAN-VLAN-MIB)
Operational state of this service.
sfps Service Center Facility Operation Status
sfpsServiceCenterFacilityOperStatus (defined in ctron-sfps-base-mib)
Operational state of entry.
sfps Service Center Flood Operation Status
sfpsServiceCenterFloodOperStatus (defined in ctron-sfps-flood-mib)
Operational state of entry.
sfps Service Center Resolve Operation Status
sfpsServiceCenterResolveOperStatus (defined in ctron-sfps-resolve-mib)
Operational state of entry.
sfps Service Center Topology Operation Status
sfpsServiceCenterTopologyOperStatus (defined in ctron-sfps-topology-mib)
Operational state of entry.
Enterasys Service Level Net Measure Operation State
etsysSrvcLvlNetMeasureOperState (defined in enterasys-service-level-reporting-mib)
Reports the operational status of the network measure.

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