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OID list for members

ses Port Bonding Number Of Members
sesPortBondingNumOfMembers (defined in ZYXEL-SESCOMMON-MIB)
The number of members included in the bonding entry.
atmx Service Number Vcl Members
atmxServiceNumVclMembers (defined in XYLAN-ATM-MIB)
The number of other Vlan cluster members defined and have a data direct VCC associated with the connection. This object is valid only for Vlan cluster services. Zero (0) will be returned for other ATM services.
ntc Ex Group Members
ntcExGroupMembers (defined in SVRNTC)
This is list of member names where each name is separated by a space.
bsn Mobility Group Members Table
bsnMobilityGroupMembersTable (defined in AIRESPACE-WIRELESS-MIB)
MWAR List (statically configured members of the mobility group)
bsn Mobility Group Members Entry
bsnMobilityGroupMembersEntry (defined in AIRESPACE-WIRELESS-MIB)
An Entry (conceptual row) in the bsnMobilityGroupMembers Table.
CISCO BRIDGE DOMAIN Members Configured
cbdMembersConfigured (defined in CISCO-BRIDGE-DOMAIN-MIB)
This object indicates the number of bridge domain members configured on this bridge domain.
Cisco Cdma Cluster Total Members
cCdmaClusterTotalMembers (defined in CISCO-CDMA-PDSN-MIB)
The total number of member records in PDSN cluster controller.
Cisco Cluster Status Max Number Of Members
ccStatusMaxNumberOfMembers (defined in CISCO-CLUSTER-MIB)
The maximum number of cluster members allowed in the cluster. The command switch is considered as a cluster member also.

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