sdlcLSAdminRETRIESm - sdlc Link Stations Admin RETRIE Sm - rfc1747

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sdlc Link Stations Admin RETRIE Sm

This object controls number of retries in a retry sequence for the local SDLC link station. A retry sequence is a series of retransmitted frames ( data or control) for which no positive acknowledgement is received. The number of times that the retry sequence is to be repeated is controlled by the object: sdlcLSAdminRETRIESn. The interval between retry sequences is controlled by the object: sdlcLSAdminRETRIESt. A value of zero indicates no retries. If the value of sdlcLSAdminRETRIESm is zero, then the values of sdlcLSAdminRETRIESt and sdlcLSAdminRETRIESn should also be zero. Depending on the implementation, a write operation to this administered value may not change the operational value, sdlcLSOperRETRIESm, until the link station is cycled inactive.

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