rptrMonitorPortShortEvents - Repeater Monitor Port Short Events - rfc1516

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Repeater Monitor Port Short Events

This counter is incremented by one for each CarrierEvent on this port with ActivityDuration less than ShortEventMaxTime. ShortEventMaxTime is greater than 74 bit times and less than 82 bit times. ShortEventMaxTime has tolerances included to provide for circuit losses between a conformance test point at the AUI and the measurement point within the state machine. Note: shortEvents may indicate externally generated noise hits which will cause the repeater to transmit Runts to its other ports, or propagate a collision (which may be late) back to the transmitting DTE and damaged frames to the rest of the network. Implementors may wish to consider selecting the ShortEventMaxTime towards the lower end of the allowed tolerance range to accommodate bit losses suffered through physical channel devices not budgeted for within this standard. The approximate minimum time for rollover of this counter is 16 hours.

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