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dot5 Ring Status

The current interface status which can be used to diagnose fluctuating problems that can occur on token rings, after a station has successfully been added to the ring. Before an open is completed, this object has the value for the 'no status' condition. The dot5RingState and dot5RingOpenStatus objects provide for debugging problems when the station can not even enter the ring. The object's value is a sum of values, one for each currently applicable condition. The following values are defined for various conditions: 0 = No Problems detected 32 = Ring Recovery 64 = Single Station 256 = Remove Received 512 = reserved 1024 = Auto-Removal Error 2048 = Lobe Wire Fault 4096 = Transmit Beacon 8192 = Soft Error 16384 = Hard Error 32768 = Signal Loss 131072 = no status, open not completed.

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