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llc Sap Admin Max IPDU Octets Rcv

This object denotes the default maximum I PDU size, in octets, that LLCs on this SAP can expect to receive from their remote LLC partners. This count is referred to as 'N1' in the IEEE 802.2 specification [??] A zero value for this object indicates that the port default, llcPortAdminMaxIPDUOctetsRcv, shall be used as the SAP default. This SAP default value may be overridden by a non-zero value in the llcCcAdminMaxIPDUOctetsRcv object. At connection setup, an implementation may choose to send this value to the remote LLC, using an XID frame. The I PDU size includes all octets in a frame with the exception of the framing characters, the MAC header and the link header.

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