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hp Ent Alias Mapping Identifier

The value of this object identifies a particular conceptual row associated with the indicated hpEntPhysicalIndex and hpEntLogicalIndex pair. Since only physical ports are modeled in this table, only entries which represent interfaces or ports are allowed. If an ifEntry exists on behalf of a particular physical port, then this object should identify the associated 'ifEntry'. For repeater ports, the appropriate row in the 'rptrPortGroupTable' should be identified instead. For example, suppose a physical port was represented by hpEntPhysicalEntry.3, hpEntLogicalEntry.15 existed for a repeater, and hpEntLogicalEntry.22 existed for a bridge. Then there might be two related instances of hpEntAliasMappingIdentifier: hpEntAliasMappingIdentifier.3.15 == rptrPortGroupIndex.5.2 hpEntAliasMappingIdentifier.3.22 == ifIndex.17 It is possible that other mappings (besides interfaces and repeater ports) may be defined in the future, as required. Bridge ports are identified by examining the Bridge MIB and appropriate ifEntries associated with each 'dot1dBasePort', and are thus not represented in this table.

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