hpicfChainViewName - HP Integrated Communication Facility Chain View Name - hpprocurve-hpchain

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HP Integrated Communication Facility Chain View Name

The local name of this box. This is used by the proxy agent for the box to determine which box on the Distributed Management Chain is being addressed. If an agent does not use this method to distinguish proxy destinations, it should return a zero length octet string for this object. For SNMPv1, the destination box is specified by appending this name to the proxy agent's community name. For example, if this agent has a community with a community name of 'public', and the value of this object is 'repeater1', the community 'public/repeater1' will specify that the agent should proxy to the public community of the 'repeater1' box. The default value for this object for box-level repeaters is an ASCII hex representation of the low-order three bytes of the device MAC address.

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