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Enterasys Twcb Statistics Clear

Setting this object to a value of true(1) will cause the following objects to be reset to zero and new values generated: etsysTwcbStatsBindingsDeleted, etsysTwcbStatsBindingsTotal, etsysTwcbStatsBindingsExhausted, etsysTwcbStatsBindingsNoCaches, etsysTwcbStatsBindingsPerSecond, etsysTwcbWcServerfarmHits, etsysTwcbWcServerfarmStateChanges, etsysTwcbCacheHits, etsysTwcbCacheStateChanges, etsysTwcbWebcacheHits, etsysTwcbWebcacheStateChanges. The following objects will be reset to the current active counts: etsysTwcbStatsBindingsHigh, etsysTwcbStatsWebcacheHigh, etsysTwcbStatsWcServerfarmHigh, etsysTwcbStatsCacheHigh Setting this object to a value of false(2) has no effect. This object will always return a value of false(2).

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