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Cabletron Vlan Classify Data Mask

This object is the one's complement of a 32-bit mask. This mask is applicable to the data comparison of ctVlanClassifyDataVal. The mask is applied to the actual packet data under consideration through a logical bitwise AND operation. This result is then compared to the data. For example, we want to classify according to a bilateral IP address of with a mask of This would be reflected by the following values: ctVlanClassifyDataMeaning: ipAddressBilateral(8) ctVlanClassifyDataVal: 0x868d0000 ctVlanClassifyDataMask: 0x00000fff Again there are contextual implications for this leaf depending upon the value of ctVlanClassifyDataMeaning. Not all types will use the mask, and others will impose restrictions. This value should however be a true indication of the masking operation. In other words, data types that don't use a mask should only allow a value of zero, indicating that all data bits are significant in the comparison. The specific restrictions of each type should be spelled out in the comments for that type. Illegal values should not be allowed.

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