ctron-bridge-mib - ctBridgeBaseChassisMgr

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Cabletron Bridge Base Chassis Manager

This object reports the chassis management capability of the bridging device. Chassis management is defined as the ability of the device to report status on MIM boards which the device might be responsible for managing, modifying the state of the MIM boards and the ports residing on the MIM board, and tracking and reporting on the status of the networks being bridged and the stations generating traffic on those networks. Note that this is not a comprehensive list of the activities which comprise chassis management. If chassis management is unsupported by this device, then the value notSupported is returned. If chassis management is supported by this device and the device is, in fact, operating as a chassis manager, then the value managementEnabled is re- turned. If chassis management is supported by this device but the device is not functioning as a chassis manager, the value managementDisabled is returned.

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