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atmx Group To Vc Row Status

Row Status indicates the state of a entry of this mapping table. For a Get-operation, the value to be returned values can be ACTIVE or INACTIVE. This RowStatus will return ACTIVE, if the atmxServiceAdminStatus (an object in atmxSerivceGroup) is set to ENABLE. RowStatus will be INACTIVE if atmxServiceAdminStatus is set to a value other than ENABLE. RowStatus can only set to CREATE or DELETE. The values ACTIVE and INACTIVE are read only. For a Set-operation, values to be set can be CREATE or DELETE. Utilize atmxServiceGroup to create or delete a 1483 Scaling Service. Create 1483 Scaling Service only with 1 group and 1 vc thru the atmxServiceGroup. Adding or removing other group-to-vc mapping should then use this atmx1483ScaleGroup.

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