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Xerox Communications Configuration CO Special Import

The 'xcmCommsOptionIndex' of an 'imported' configuration subtree, specified in 'xcmCommsOptionValueInteger'. Usage: To import a section of common config from elsewhere. All comms configuration options in the 'imported' subtree shall be 'imported' and THEN any dependent options found via the current 'xcmCommsOptionFamilyIndex' chain shall be treated as though they logically 'followed' the 'imported' configuration subtree. Usage: This row shall be logically 're-typed' by inheritance from the first imported row (eg, 'xcmCOOsilanEthernet'), but ONLY for the 'scoping' of dependent options which are found via the current 'xcmCommsOptionFamilyIndex' chain (eg, a dependent option for 'xcmCOOsilanEthernetFrameOverride'). Usage: The pointer specified in 'xcmCommsOptionValueInteger' shall be used to evaluate the 'imported' configuration substree and THEN any 'local' options shall be evaluated from the current 'xcmCommsOptionFamilyIndex' chain. Usage: As would normally be true of any option, this row shall NOT affect the 'scoping' of independent options found via the current 'xcmCommsOptionNextIndex' chain (eg, the next protocol within a given protocol suite configuration subtree).


IPHost Network monitor uses SNMP for monitoring health and availability of devices and applications in your network. You can send a SNMP Set to any remote device to monitor a specific SNMP object (CPU, Memory, Disk, Server Temperature, RAID failures, IO statistics, connection counts, error and much more).

Easy monitoring of xcmCOSpecialImport with IPHost tools

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