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Juniper Pfe Notify Type Id

This identifies the PFE notification type for this row's stats. Below is a description of each notification type: 1. illegal Packets with invalid notification type. 2. unclassified Packets that did not have a key lookup performed on them. 3. option Packets which have L3 options present. 4. nextHop Packets that are destined to the host. 5. discard Used when a discarded packet is sent to the route processor. 6. sample Unused. 7. redirect This is used when a packet is being sent out on the interface it came in on. 8. dontFragment This is used that a packet needs to be fragmented but the DF (don't fragment) bit is set. 9. cfdf When an MTU exceeded indication is triggered by the CF chip and the packet has DF (don't fragment) set. 10. poison Packets that resolved to a poisoned next hop index. 11. unknown Packets of unknown notification type. 12. specialMemPkt Packets with special memory pkt type notification used in diagnostics. 13. autoconfig Packets with autoconfig PFE notification type used for dynamic VLANs. 14. reject Packets of reject PFE notification type.


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