jnxHistMacChangedMsg - Juniper History Mac Changed Message - JUNIPER-EX-MAC-NOTIFICATION-MIB

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Juniper History Mac Changed Message

This object contains the information of a MAC change notification event. It consists of several tuples packed together in the format of '...'. Each tuple consist of 13 octets in the format of '' where is of size 1 octet and supports the following values 0 - End of MIB object. 1 - MAC learnt. 2 - MAC removed. 3 - MAC updated. is VLAN number of the VLAN which the MAC address is belonged to and has size of 2 octet. is the Layer2 Mac Address and has size of 6 octets. is the value of dot1dBasePort for the interface from which the MAC address is learnt and has size of 4 octets.


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Easy monitoring of jnxHistMacChangedMsg with IPHost tools

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